Jeremy Deering was named the starting running back for the Scarlet Knights for 2012, but that was before top New Jersey recruit, Savon Huggins committed to go to Rutgers over 40 other offers.

Deering was a wide receiver last season, but when Muhammad Sanu went down with an injury, Deering took the wild cat snaps, and did fairly well doing it, despite the terrible blocking by the offensive line.

Rutgers probably have the most dominant receiving core in the Big East, which allowed Coach Schiano to move sophomore standout Deering to running back. He is 6'2" and weighs 220 pounds, but there are critics that say he isn't bulk enough to play the running back position.

5th year senior (red-shirted freshman) Joe Martinek switched to FB, and sophomore Jordan Thomas was moved to DB (corner back).

Although Huggins might have the edge at winning the running back spot as a true freshman, Deering likes competition because it makes him work harder at the game he loves.

“I’m looking forward to the competition. I’m excited about it,” he said to the Star Ledger. “You know you’re never given a position at this level. There are too many good players.”

Deering was a wide receiver during his freshman season in college, however, in high school, Jeremy was a running back, and feels comfortable at either position.

But how can Coach Schiano sit his number one recruit at a position he is very light on? Huggins could be the next Ray Rice, and bring back Rutgers to compete for a Big East title.

I personally would like to see a 1-2 punch, as both players are dominent in their running game. Rutgers already have Sanu, Harrison and Jefferson catching the balls.

Deering would obviously be very good in a draw formation, so thats where i think he will be used.

Who do you think will get the opening day start?